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What is i-Skool

Today, in the traditional education system, students in elementary and high-schools are overloaded with materials which are being taught using outdated teaching methods which are irrelevant for modern times. Their inefficiency and ineffectiveness create high level of frustration.

There are many educational games and applications available in the market today. Most of them are designed for end customer use.

i-Skool allows parents and teachers to design the learning content and set goals, interaction levels and incentives.

i-Skool enhances learning experiences using intuitive and interactive content and improves learning abilities by creating thinking tasks for all student levels; from kindergarten to high school students. The learning system is an innovative gamified, platform based, mobile solution enabling children from all around the world to have the access to education.

How does it work?

Why Mobile Learning

Thirty-nine (39%) percent of US organizations are already using Mobile Learning which has an annual growth rate of twenty-nine point three (29.3%) percent.

Mobile Learning is accessible 24/7/365 worldwide. Mobile Learning provides unique interactions featuring visual and audible capabilities.

Mobile Learning is one hundred (100%) percent intuitive learning, encouraging collaboration with other students and interaction with teachers and mentors.

Mobile Learning is highly cost-effective in terms of time, content and Return on Investment.


i-Skool, Inc. is Florida based and independent educational technology company that believes in giving all children a chance. Each day of school is an opportunity for a student to explore, learn and dream of a better future for themselves and for their communities.

The impact doesn’t end there. As children become educated, they not only change their own lives, they also transform their families and communities. Peace and understanding comes through education. When we give teach a child to read we change the world.

We started i-Skool to make a real difference. When You Invest in one child you give a whole community the chance for a healthier, more hopeful and peaceful future. Education empowers children to break free from the cycle of poverty and make a sustainable difference in their lives, their families and their communities.

We will freely distribute our software through UNESCO and several charities to people and communities who would never have the chance to learn. We are partnering with several companies who will donate tablet and other types of computers to these very same communities. Our technology has been designed to work on all computers and in all areas of the world.


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